Cook-Off Rules and Information

chiligames fire fork - face rightCheck-in and Set-up between 11:00 am and 12:00 noon. Cooking starts at noon. Judging begins 5:30 pm

True chili consists of meat or any combination of meats, and/or any combination of vegetables, cooked with chili peppers, various other spices and ingredi-ents such as kidney beans or any other type of beans or pasta as desired. Basically “Anything Goes!”

  1. An entrance fee of $45 will apply to each person entering and will include prizes, euchre tournament, dinner & dance. Registration will be available online, by mail and accepted at the door, however due to limited space, registration prior to the day is strongly recommended. All people must be checked-in with the event co-ordinators no later than 11:30 am on the day of the event. Cooking will begin promptly at 12:00 noon. One (1) six foot table will be provided to each team. Up to 2 assistants are allowed per team. Assistants must purchase a minimum dinner & dance ticket to participate.
  2. Each team is required to prepare a minimum 6 quarts of chili per entry. Team members are entitled to sample competitor’s chili during the People’s Choice portion of the event and enjoy the rest of dinner provided by the co-ordinators.
  3. All vegetables may be brought in pre-chopped, and dried beans may be pre-soaked, but NOTHING may be pre-cooked. All cooking must take place at the event. Meat may not be pre-spiced or pre-cooked.
  4. While canned chili itself may not be used, canned tomatoes, sauce, beans or vegetables etc may be used.
  5. If any form of alcohol or beer is used, due to liquor licensing it must be purchased from the bar and a sign must be posted to indicate that there was alcohol used.
  6. Due to allergies, if peanuts, peanut oil or other peanut products are used, a sign must be clearly posted identifying this.
  7. All teams must provide their own cooking source(s) and utensils ie: crock pot, electric frying pan, hot plate and pans/pots, ladles, cooking thermometer, utensils and extension cords/power bars. Propane or coleman stoves may not be used. Once prepared, chili tem-perature must be maintained at a minimum of 140 degrees F throughout the event.
  8. Teams may provide their own condiments and toppings for their chili if desired. Shredded cheese, sour cream, hot sauce, nacho chips etc.
  9. Teams must provide a copy of their recipe to event co-ordinators, along with a rating of spiciness between 1-5, 5 being the spiciest, prior to cooking.
  10. Teams are responsible for their own set up, cleanliness during the cook-off period and to have everything taken down and removed from the hall prior to 8 pm
  11. At least 1 team member must remain in the hall to be responsible for their chili & cook area throughout, but all team members may enter the euchre tournament starting at 1 pm. Substitute players will be available in the hall to spell off for 1 hand as needed, to allow for stir-ring, adding ingredients etc.
  12. Chef’s may enter and cook more than 1 type of chili (ie: ground beef & vegetarian) but separate entry fee of $25 must be paid and all quantity requirements etc. must be met for each entry, however only one table will be provided unless prior arrangements have been made.
  13. Set-up begins at 11 am and must be completed by 12 noon. Cooking commences promptly at noon or your chili will NOT be judged.
  14. Contestants may decorate their booth/table in any manner they choose in preparation for the showmanship award. Co-ordinating costumes, cookware etc is permitted and encouraged! As is naming your team and/or chili accordingly.
  15. There are 3 categories that will be judged and are eligible for prizes. Blind judging, people’s choice & showmanship. All 3 categories will be judged separately, and as such, it is possi-ble for the same team to win more than one categories.
  16. Samples are to be handed out to People’s Choice Judges in the sample cups provided by the event co-ordinators at judging time only. No samples are to be provided prior to judging. Larger servings are prohibited.

If you have any questions please review the comments below and if your question is not answered  please leave it in the “Leave a Reply”  section  and an answer will be posted within 24 hours.


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