Chiligames cartoon fieryPRIZES and JUDGING 

Judging begins 5:30 pm

There will be three categories in which Chef’s and their Chili will be judged.

A) Celebrity blind Judges;
B) People’s Choice;
C) Showmanship!

 Celebrity Blind Judging – 5:30 pm

Our celebrity blind judging panel will consist of 3-7 local celebrities consisting of professional chefs, food critics, radio or television celebrities or well known community leaders.

  1.  Each team will be provided with enough small containers (3 oz) for each judge. A member of the committee will collect the containers from each team for the judges to taste and score. Chef’s may adorn each container with any condiments or garnishes they choose.
  2. Each team’s chili cups will be marked with an identifier known only to the committee. The chef will be given a sealed envelope containing the identifier. Envelopes may not be opened until after judges have turned in the score cards and the results are announced.
  3. While score cards will be turned in prior to the People’s Choice segment begins, all announcements will be made after the completion of the Showmanship Awards.
  4. Judging will be based on 5 criteria and given a score of 1-20 in each criteria.
    1. Aroma – personal preference of the judge.
    2. Presentation & Colour – Chili should look appetizing. Are garnishes or toppings added?
    3. Consistency & Texture – Smooth combination of meat, vegetables etc and sauce. Not too thick, not too thin. Texture of meat, vegetables or beans should not be too tough or mushy,
    4. Spice & Taste – A good blending of spices and how well they have soaked into the meat, vegetables, beans and sauce,
    5. Flavour – a good flavour and chili pepper taste.

    All judges totals for each entry will be tallied. Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, 3rd places based upon tallies.

  5. Judges decisions are final.

People’s Choice Judging – 6:00 pm

The People’s Choice is the most popular form of judging. All people in the hall purchasing any ticket combination including dinner will be eligible to vote.

  1. All people eligible to sample chili will be given a lanyard identifying their eligibility. Chili chef’s will put out samples of their chili in the containers provided to them. These containers must be marked with an separate identifier provided to the chefs upon registration. Garnishes & toppings etc must be placed in separate bowls and left to the side. It will be the people’s judges choice whether or not to use them.
  2. People’s choice judges are not required to sample all the chilis, but rather are permitted to sample only those appealing to them. They can choose chili based on spici-ness, whether or not they contain meat, appearance etc.
  3. All chef’s will be provided a large container or box to place on their table anytime prior to judging, or they may choose to bring their own container matching their table decoration/theme.
  4. Once People’s choice judges have finished sampling all of their chosen chili, they will pick their favourite. When they have made their decision, they will place their lanyard in the container on the table of their favourite chili chef. Each Chef may decide for themselves if additional sample cups will be given to judges.
  5. After sampling has been completed, and all lanyards have been placed, a coordinator will count the lanyards in each chef’s container with the chef. Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, 3rd places based upon tallies.

Showmanship Judging – 6:30 pm

Showmanship is the most entertaining part of the judg ing. Each team is required to put on a little show for the audience after all lanyards have been turned in.

  1. All chef’s are required to put on a short performance 3-5 mins in length in order to qualify for this prize. The show can be a song, skit, poem, comedic bit dance etc based on the theme of the event, costumes/decorations chosen for your table (ie: Farmer, Mexico, Cowboy, beatnik etc), cooking/eating chili, places where chili is prevalent (ie: Texas, Mexico etc), euchre players, winter etc. It is the chef’s responsibility to explain the connection if one is not prevalent.
  2. If a particular music or sound effect is required for the performance, it is the chef’s responsibility to provide the disc jockey with a cd containing the material and any instructions regarding timing prior to start of showman-ship portion of the judging.
  3. The audience will be allowed to applaud after each ‘show’ but after all teams have performed, the audience will be encouraged to applaud for their favourite show. Winners will be determined by the amount of noise made by the relation to each team. Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd places.
  4. Judges decisions are final.

Euchre Judging – 7:00 pm

Euchre judging is a bit of a misnomer. Euchre is a skilled sport (mixed with a little luck & good partners) and as such will be judged by the proof in the pudding (scores)!

  1. Each team will tally & submit their scores to the coordinator immediately upon tournament completion.
  2. Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, places based upon tallies. A booby prize will go to the team with the lowest score.

Prizes – to be awarded upon after ALL Judging

Today’s events are all about the fun and friendly compete tion, but winning a prize isn’t bad either! All winners will go home with the following:

  1. Unlimited bragging rights!
  2. Either a trophy or ribbon, depending on position.
  3. A token prize related to event won.


All chili chefs having had entered any of the first three events (Sunnidale Corners, Beeton, or Ivy locations) who choose to enter the same chili recipe at the Finals be ing held May 23, 2015 in Nottawa are eligible to win the Grand Prize. Anyone else is free to enter for the first time, but will only be eligible to win prizes as outlined above.

  1. The Grand Prize of a SAMSUNG GALAXY 2 10.1 16 GB TABLET will be awarded to the 1st place winner in the People’s Choice category provided they have entered the same chili recipe, in a previous Chili Games 2015 event. Be sure to bring your friends & family, especially if they are a fan of your recipe!
  2. In the event the 1st place winner has not entered a previous event the Grand Prize will be awarded to the highest placing previous entrant.
  3. All other winners in all categories, including Euchre Tournament will win prizes as outlined in the ‘Prizes’ section above.

If you have any questions please review the comments below and if your question is not answered  please leave it in the “Leave a Reply”  section  and an answer will be posted within 24 hours.


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