Euchre Tournament Rules and Information

chiligames euchre payersCheck-ins begins 12:00 noon. Tournament starts 1:00 pm sharp

This will be a same partner, timed round robin type of euchre tournament. While all attempts will be made for each team to play all other teams, play will stop just after 5:00 pm once all tables playing at 5:00 pm have completed their games. That way everyone plays the same number of rounds/games.

  1. An entrance fee of $35 will apply to each person entering and will include prizes, dinner & dance. Registration will be available online, by mail and accepted at the door, however due to limited space, registration prior to the day is strongly recommended. All people must be registered with the event co-ordinators no later than 12:30 pm on the day of the event. Tournament will begin promptly at 1:00 pm. Late arrivals will not be accommodated.
  2. Anyone arriving as a ‘team’ will be kept together and allowed to play as a team. Individuals arriving alone will have their name placed in a ‘hat’ and teams will be randomly drawn from there. All random teams are final, and will remain as a team throughout the day.
  3. Each team will appoint a captain for the day. The captain is responsible for keeping track of points per hand and totalling those points at the end of each round/game on score cards provided. At the end of each round/game the captain from the opposing team will verify the score and initial the opponents score card.
  4. There will be no set number of rounds/games but play will continue until 5:00 pm at which time all rounds/games underway will be completed and the tournament will be declared closed.
  5. Each round/game will consist of 8 completed hands, therefore each player will have dealt 2 completed hands each round/game. A completed hand is one where trump has been deter-mined, the hand has been played and points are awarded to one team or the other.
  6. The euchre deck will consist of 24 cards, A, K, Q, J, 10 & 9 of all four suits. Jacks of the same color as trump are called bowers. The jack of trump is the right bower and therefore the highest card, the jack of the same color suit is the left bower and the next highest card. The order of trump is then A-9 in descending order.
  7. At the beginning of each round/game the cap-tains will take turns shuffling and cutting the deck. The player with the highest card deals. Deals then move around the table to the right at the end of each completed hand. Play continues until all players at the table have dealt 2 completed hands each. Scores are then tallied per rule 3. Each team will then move to a different table & team as per the coordinator.
  8. Points will be awarded as follows; teams calling trump and taking 3 or 4 tricks will receive 1 pt. Teams calling trump and taking all 5 tricks will receive 2 pts. Teams calling trump and taking less than 3 tricks will be euchred, thereby awarding the opposing team 2 pts. If a player calls trump and goes alone and takes 3 or 4 tricks they will earn 1 pt for their team, however if they take all 5 tricks they will earn 5 pts for their team. A player is considered to have gone alone if 1) they order their partner to ‘pick it up’ 2) they pick-up trump themselves and declare ‘alone’ 3) they order the opposing team to pick it up and declare ‘alone’. If a player has ‘gone alone’ their teammate must place their cards face down and sit out that hand.
  9. “Table talk” or hinting to your partner about trump or cards to play etc will not be tolerated.
  10. In the event a player needs to leave prior to tournament conclusion due to unforeseen circumstances, fees will not be refunded but a substitute player will be offered, subject to availability, so that the other player on the team can continue.
  11. A cash bar will be open throughout the day and evening. Pace yourself accordingly. Liquor licensing laws will be adhered to.
  12. Everyone is here to have good clean fun. Cuss jars will be on all tables and various places throughout the hall. Cussing will cost $1 per word. Foul mouths and tempers can be costly!

If you have any questions please review the comments below and if your question is not answered  please leave it in the “Leave a Reply”  section  and an answer will be posted within 24 hours.


2 Responses to Euchre Tournament Rules and Information

  1. Bob Marrs says:

    I always thought that two lone hands and one euchre was considered a perfect game. That being said a lone hand taking all five tricks would only get a four point credit not five. Maybe I have been away from the game to long.


    • jceasy1234 says:

      That is exactly right Bob – for a home game. Tournament play is little different. To keep the tables moving at an even pace, a total of 8 hands are played per game, regardless of score. The extra point for a lone hand is therefore added incentive. It is total points for all games combined that determines the winners, not the total games won when a game is considered first to 10 pts! Time to come back in, the water’s fine!


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